Jaypee Hacks-

21st April.

Welcome! to JH'22

A bequest being nurtured by the accordant individuals of Jaypee aims to team up the brains of programmers, designers, application developers and rookies in the realm of programming for the substantial development of a hack. You’ll have all the opportunity to conceptualize your ideas with the learned individuals of industry, create a product, innovate new things, and most importantly, enjoy memorable moments with your friends. One thing which goes without saying for a hackathon like Jaypee Hacks is that you stand a very good chance of networking with working professionals and community leaders. Thus, if you're a keen learner and explorer, we're sure, you wouldn't want to have a FOMO!

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🙋 What is this?
A hackathon is an event where students collaborate, learn, and share their creations. To Improve or Build a New Software Program.

🙋 Why is this?
To Celebrate the Spirit of Development at Jaypee University Of Engineering And Technology, Guna and Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

🙋 When is this?
The 21st of April 2022.

🙋 How is this?
Through our so loving Sponsors and our University (:

🙋 What for me?
Swags for all, participation certificates and much much much...Our website manager couldn't fit it in! Phew!

Still have something that we didn't mention here?
Shoot us an email at here.





Core Team

Spandan Saxena
Hackathon Director.

Manvendra Singh
Head of Communications.

Amit Patwa
Head of Logistics.

Anuj Vishwakarma
Head of Public Dealing.

Sanyam Jain
Head of Design & Marketing.

Priyank Shankar
Head of Hacker Experience.

Jai Rajput
Head of Technical Initiatives.